Care Quality Commission

Prudhoe Medical Group achieved a rating of outstanding following inspection in October 2018.

Comments below from our Senior GP Partner Dr Steven Quilliam:

"I am thrilled with the CQC assessment. I have been a GP at this practice since 1986 when Dr Donald Golightly was the senior partner. Sadly, Dr Golightly passed away just before Christmas. On the day after his death, we received the news from the CQC that we had achieved an 'outstanding' assessment. I would like to dedicate this assessment to his memory as it was the legacy of his high standards of patient care that inspired me. He was one of the early NHS GP pioneers who was always ready to embrace change, such as bringing the training of GPs to the practice, computerisation, and the development of team working, which are all taken for granted nowadays. We are blessed with a wonderful team of reception and administrative staff, nurses and doctors, with the support of an active patient participation group and the loyalty of our patients in the Prudhoe area."

Comments below from GP Partner Dr John Green:

"There has been some some concerns expressed in the press recently about the CQC process but for our part we found it to be fair, rigorous and ultimately a positive experience for the whole team.

We are fortunate to be a part of Tynedale where there has been a culture of quality and improvement within the local GP practices for many years. This outstanding result for us is the result of a lot of hard work and dedication by our staff and a healthy working relationship with our local teams and patient group.

Our hope now is to build on this and continue to improve the service we offer to the patients of Prudhoe."

Comments below from our Practice Manager Tony Hockey:

"Having worked and managed Prudhoe Medical Group for almost a year we have worked extremely hard to achieve the highest possible standards for our patients to provide effective and quality services. We have an excellent clinical and non-clinical team here at Prudhoe serving the Prudhoe patient population. A big thank you to all clinical, admin, all attached staff (District Nurses, Midwifes and Health Visiting Teams) and patient group members for all their contribution. We will look to continue to build and improve on services for our patients in the future."