Patient Information

The Little Orange Book

If you are a Parent / Carer / Grandparent

There are several resources which will help you understand what level of care your child needs: 

  • Healthier together website ( or app available for free on the app store, will help you research all major childhood illnesses and understand what level of care your child needs. 
  • Newcastle and Gateshead ICB created the below The Little Orange Book is a fantastic resource if your child is poorly and will help you decide what level of help you may need. 

Look for the red flags too - if you think your child needs immediate attention then its 999, not your GP.

Patient Data Opt-Out

You can choose to stop your confidential patient information being used for research and planning. Your confidential patient information will still be used for your individual care.

Further information from NHS Digital can be found here.

NHS Digital – Opting-out of sharing your confidential patient information:

There are two opt-outs available to patients of the NHS.

  • Type 1 – Opting out of your GP record confidential information being shared outside of your GP practice for anything other than your individual care
  • Type 2 – Opting out of NHS Digital sharing your wider health record (from hospital or other NHS organisations) for anything other than your individual care – this is now called the National Data Opt-Out

Type 1: To Opt-out of your GP confidential record being shared for anything other than your individual care please complete the below form and send it to the practice. The practice will then record your preference and scan the form into your clinical record. (A separate form is required per patient or dependent)


Type 2: Can no longer be requested via your GP and can only be requested via NHS Digital either online, on the phone or by email. All the information required to contact NHS Digital is here: