Travel Advice

Travel Advice


Do you need vaccinations?

Travelling Abroad? 

Our Practice Nurse offers vaccinations for foreign travel. This is strictly on an appointment-only basis.  Where possible we recommend that you plan ahead and seek advice, this must be done at a travel clinic prior to booking your vaccination appointments with the nurse.   Please ensure that this is done at least one month before travel (two months if taking a prolonged trip or visiting many countries e.g. gap year).  The reason for this is that most vaccines take seven to ten days to be fully effective and you may need more than one visit to the surgery to complete your course of injections. 

The travel clinic will give you printed evidence of what vaccinations you require, which will need to be handed in or emailed to the surgery to enable us to administer them.  When booking your appointment please also advise the receptionist which vaccinations you require. 

We recommend checking the Travel Health Pro website for up to date information on risks and recommended vaccinations.

NB: Not all vaccinations are covered by the NHS. You will be advised to visit a private travel clinic for some vaccines not available on the NHS.  We offer different appointment times throughout the week, but if we cannot meet your requirements there are private clinics you can arrange appointments to have this service carried out.

Many of the routine vaccines are readily available and free of charge at the surgery. 
We cannot provide the following vaccines here:
Japanese Encephalitis
Yellow Fever
Hepatitis B unless you also need Hepatitis A and have the combined vaccine.